DTG is a self-operating travel management company. We have our own online platform and provide the corporate clients travel management services with international standards.

DTG is a self-operating travel management company. We have our own online platform and provide the corporate clients travel management services with international standards. Our company consists of a network of travel management companies and offers top service for clients in Greater China. We have many branches in China and are your best travel management partner. We are clients-oriented and continue developing new brands. We redefine the sales strategies, strengthen the partnership with current clients and establish the new cooperative relationship with our clients and peer companies. Our business not only covers Mainland China, but also covers Hong Kong and Taiwan. Aside from serving the Chinese market, we also provide outstanding service for the foreign travel management companies seeking to build partnership in China.

DTG also works as a bridge connecting not only Chinese and foreign travel management companies but also between the domestic corporations.

We provide you with highly-flexible service and management plans. We offer complimentary consultation for you at all times to improve your current business travel policies. We help you reach lower-cost and thus, achieve cost reduction

Business Travel 

DTG realizes that different companies have with different requirements. Hence we concentrate on the actual situation of various companies and tailor-make diverse extra service for them.  Details...

Value-added service 

If you are planning a holiday, we will provide you with individual leisure planning service. Options include substantial characteristic holiday destinations around the world.  Details...


Our professional team is dedicated to provide comprehensive service to ensure that our interactive operation system is easily used. M.I.C.E experts offer the best price for your business activities and conference events.  Details...

Excellent Quality

We establish great relationship with our clients; we serve our clients wholeheartedly and persevere to hold the integrity.

Non-stop service

DTG experts offer the corporate staff with non-stop travel and reservation services, including online and offline travel management support. Our team can manage your travel and hotel reservation via our online reservation management system. Should you have any questions or requirements, we are ready to fulfill you at all times.

Service Concept

Our purpose is to become the best business travel management company. Since keep making our vision come true, we would like to create unique programs for our clients.

Service Quality

We have implemented a comprehensive standard operation system. Our travel consultants can be certain to complete the mission accurately and efficiently on time.

Analysis and Report

Our travel data analysis system and report can help you evaluate the efficiency of your travel. Our business managers keep innovating to cut your total cost.

The clients are managed by our experts who provide local, regional and global management service for you to ensure the best service for the clients and the ability of consistent charging.

Duty of Care

Travel safety ranks top in our duties. We have the best to guarantee you and your staff a safe and fruitful trip. Any emergency situation shall be delivered to DTG headquarters within 2 hours.

7dx24h Service

Travel accident could emerge out of working hours, but we provide you with real-time travel consultation in any place at any time.

Online/Offline Booking

We provide various online booking tools. Also, our travel consultants can tailor-make your traveling plan.

VIP Service

Upgrading, special requirement or greeting services. We provide VIP travel with the best service according to your requests.


We provide ideas and comprehensive conference planning solutions to fulfill all your M.I.C.E requirements。

About Us

We go the extra mile for you

DTG Business Travel

DTG is the only business travel management company in China authorized by Lufthansa City Center headquarters in Germany,GBTA and ACTE. The principle of DTG is to provide corporate clients with valuable professional business travel services, help the clients build business travel management culture. With the developed corporate travel management platform and data reporting system linked to SAP, CONCUR and other ERP systems, DTG has helped the clients achieve the internal low-expenditure, efficient and transparent travel management system. Aside from assisting the companies cost savings on business travel, we also help them build the business travel data models and demonstrate the sharing-economy model to make the spending on business travel more valuable.

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Successful Cases

Our operational headquarters is located in Nanjing. Meanwhile, we also have independent branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Our partners are from Europe and USA. Some of our clients are high-rank corporations like Siemens, Nike, Starbucks.













Our team

Our team can manage your online travel and hotel reservation at any time. Wherever you are, whenever you have any questions or requirements, we are ready to serve.



Transparency: real-time online travel management report makes the business travel expenses clean.

Cost saving : we can help the company save up to 30% spending on business travel via products integration and travel management.



Efficient: direct link to the company’s OA, HR and financial system can help greatly improve the travel efficiency.

Smart: you can clearly know the itinerary of your staff through our application, email and SMS approval option.


Travel Managers

Professional: help the company comprehensively grasp the travel management via the scheme and implementation of travel policies and tracking record.

Integrity: transparent product price and charging system perfectly meet the requirements of financial audit.


Booking Staff

Convenient: one-Stop service for flight tickets, hotels, train tickets and car rental. Reservation can also be done via app, online and phone call.

Considerate: standard and tailor-made non-stop service from our team make you perfectly comfort.


DTG Travel Lufthansa City Center


Yunnan Road No.49, Nanjing 210000,People’s Republic of China

Free hot-line for China: 400 822 5060
Global service hotline: +86(0)25 86782333

Shanghai Branch


4F,Building A3, No.1528, Gumei Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, PRC

Post Code: 200233
Tel: +86 (0) 21 2356 2596

North-West China Service


Gaoxinsan Road, Fortune Center B, Room 809,Xian City, Shanxi Province, PRC

Post Code: 710075
Tel: +86 (0) 29 8755 6220

North-East China Service


Xianda Road, Lvdilanhai A,17th,Chaoyang District, Changchun City, Jilin Province, PRC

Post Code: 130012
Tel:+86(0) 177 6778 6990